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Dental Anxiety - How can we help?

Dental anxiety is when you feel nervous, worried or uneasy about going to the dentist. You may have low or moderate levels of anxiety – where you feel anxious but can cope – or your levels of anxiety may be high or extreme. If you get extremely anxious about going to the dentist, you could have a dental phobia. This is when you have a persistent and intense fear of the dentist.

In the UK it’s thought that one in every three adults has moderate dental anxiety, and around one in every 10 adults has some form of extreme dental anxiety. Both adults and children can be affected. Getting help is important. If your dental anxiety isn’t managed properly, it could lead to more serious problems later on.

Our company was born out of the idea that some people need emotional AND physical dental support we strive to support patients from all walks of life whether you have a dental anxiety or low income and cannot afford the treatment you deserve, ranging to other victims of domestic abuse to clients who are under going radiotherapy and have to have teeth removed to undergo cancer treatment in order to save their life.

We totally understand that for some people it isn't as simple as walking into a dentist office and getting treatment. That's why we are an online service, you do not need to see anyone you do not want to. All dental appliances are made in a regulated state of the art dental lab in Sheffield , and all emotional support and advice is overseen or given by myself Amy Dowdeswell, I am the founder of the company and my background is in Psychotherapy, I have specialised in depression ,anxiety, addiction and domestic violence.

This partnership of support and treatment has proven hugely successful over the past year and over next few months we are going to update you with all our new up and coming technology, how the products are made and exciting advancements in technology which are going to revolutionise the way we make our products. We are also going to discuss ways to manage your dental anxiety, mental health, and we are going to provide the latest information on how to overcome your fear of the dentist, enabling you not only to order veneers online but go on to have the dental procedures you require.

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