Here at secret veneers our motto is "be the change you wish to see in the world" and we are doing everything we can to limit the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean and landfills. We have removed as much of the plastic packaging from our impression kits as we can apart from the sterile putty pots which are a necessity to keep it sterile unfortunately. But we are determined to educate as many people as we can worldwide about the use of plastic toothbrushes. 


Over 4.7 billion plastic toothbrushes that will never biodegrade are dumped in landfills and oceans every year worldwide. Founded on the belief that little changes can make a big difference for our health and the planet, our goal is to replace plastic toothbrushes with the ecological bamboo alternative. As well as switching plastic coffee cups, drinking straws and shopping bags for the sake of the environment – it’s time to think about what you use to brush your teeth. 

What with the vast majority of toothbrushes being plastic, you’ll end up throwing away a lot of the stuff if you adhere to most manufacturers’ recommendations to replace your toothbrush every three months. Thankfully, there is an alternative available: Bamboo toothbrushes, which are made from more sustainable materials. Once you’re finished with one, you can compost the handle and recycle the bristles.


So should you make the switch? We found out everything you need to know:

“Bamboo toothbrush handles can take around six months to compost, while a plastic one takes hundreds of years to fully break down,” Emma Priestland, plastic-free campaigner at Friends Of The Earth, told us.

There is also a risk that toothbrushes, like other plastic waste, may end up in the oceans. For Natalie Fee, founder of plastic pollution campaign group City To Sea, seeing the environmental impact of plastic toothbrushes on wildlife firsthand was enough to encourage a full-on switch to bamboo. Bamboo toothbrushes also have a lower carbon footprint, as no oil has been extracted to make the material for the body of the brush

Swapping from a plastic to a bamboo toothbrush is such an easy thing for a person to do to immediately reduce the plastic waste created in their household.

Where to buy them?

Unfortunately, the prices of bamboo toothbrushes are slightly less sustainable: while you can easily pick up a plastic toothbrush for as cheap as £1, a bamboo one is going to cost you roughly £2.50 each, sometimes less if you buy in bulk or commit to a subscription service. We gift every customer a FREE bamboo toothbrush when you purchase clip in veneers! 

Superdrug also offers a more sustainable toothbrush option – a bamboo Humble Brush for £3.99. To purchase a pack of 3 today for the same price £3.99 and support our campaign you can visit our online shop here

It is critical for our society to vote against plastic. Purchasing an alternative like our bamboo is a vote for non toxic sustainable materials. Every piece of plastic ever created is still in existence. The plastic pollution crisis is so severe that 5 gyres of floating plastic, each the size of the United States, have swelled up in our oceans. 

In the photo to the below, notice the large amount of plastic toothbrush waste that is washing up on our shores. Plastic toothbrushes can be found in every plastic waste dump. They can be found floating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and have even been found inside the stomachs of Albatross birds. 

Plastic affects human health. Harmful chemicals leached by plastics are present in the bloodstream and tissues of almost every human being, including newborns.

 We also strongly believe everyone should own a tooth brush. So every time you buy a pack we donate a pack.  Our mission is to give a healthy, sustainable smile to every socially disadvantaged child in need. Every child should be entitled to adequate dental care. Proper oral hygiene has gone underserved, but we at Secret Veneers believe a healthy smile is a necessity for every child to journey through life with confidence. That is why we are committing our time, wisdom, energy, and all our resources to accomplishing our  vision—a world where everyone on the planet owns a toothbrush.


We have a plan and we are asking for your help.  We have focused on India, where 600,000,000 people do not use toothbrushes. We plan to reach thousands of children—many of them teens—who will receive their first toothbrushes ever! In addition to supplying children in rural India with eco-friendly toothbrushes and toothpaste, we will encourage better dental care practices for all students involved. 


 We plan to provide toothbrushes to assist the most rural areas on the planet.  We want you to join our team by purchasing a pack so we can  to expand our efforts. We aim to keep you updated with our efforts in our blog.