(Photo shows colour BL1 in thickness 0.1mm thin and flexible, swipe left on the photo for our 0.1mm in shade A1 These are the 2 most popular shades).


This is our finest super thin material top of the range product for upper OR lower teeth only not a full set. 


How does this online process work? 

  • Once you place your order with us we will dispatch an impression kit within 24 hours to an address of your choice. If you are in the UK we will send it FREE by 1st class Royal Mail. If you are an international client we will send it tracked and signed £9.99. Once posted we will email you the tracking so you can keep a close eye on where it is.
  • Once your kit arrives take your own impressions with our instructions which we email you as soon as you pay. Write all your requirements on the patient statement form so we make them how you require. Post the kit back to the dental lab. Please post it tracked and signed. We are not responsible for any kits being returned to us. We need these impressions labelled with your name, colour and order number, if they arent labelled we cannot start production!
  •  We receive your impressions at the lab and cast them into a stone cast of your teeth, this cast is an exact replica of your teeth. The lab technician can only begin your case when he has a viable impression. This means that he can ask for another impression from you at anytime if he is unsure of your gumline or a dragged tooth, this is for the benefit of the quality of your veneers, you will not be charged for this.
  • Once finished we will post the veneers to you by 1st class Royal Mail Tracked and Signed by 1pm. You can select to have your veneers made in 3 working days or 14 working days as standard. 


Price includes;

  • Complimentary dental self impression kit, Arrives in discreet packaging.
  • Spare attempts of putty in case you make a mistake taking your impressions.
  • Medium impression trays for men, and small trays for women. (other sizes are available in the shop)
  • Full instructions and online video to assist you with taking your impressions.
  • Bespoke clip on veneers- top OR bottom arch custom made from you impressions. 1st class royal mail delivery of impressions kit, tracked and signed delivery by 1pm for veneers.


We recommend you send your impressions to us by royal mail tracked & signed you are responsible for getting your impressions to the lab safely.

  • 12 month FREE warranty.
  • Chewies - An accessory used to help you settle your veneers into place, put a Chewie between your teeth and bite down. Move Chewie from one side of your mouth to the other, gently biting down. Repeat process several times per day for the first 24-48 hours when staring a to wear your veneers .
  • Retainer Retriever - An accessory to help you remove your veneers. Use one hook end of the tool to pull veneers up and off. Use the other hook to pull upper aligners down and off.




Choosing a shade 

Colours Available-BL1 - The whitest shade available to all cosmetic dentists, this colour is the whitest you can purchase, it is an artificial white and most popular with our USA clients, Reality TV stars, RuPauls Drag Race Contestants, YouTubers & Beauty Influencers. Wear this colour if you want to be noticed! BL1 is the most popular colour of clip on veneer that we create. This solution looks like you’ve undergone cosmetic whitening. If you want to create a stunning celebrity smile, without undergoing hours of expensive and painful dentistry, then this is the solution for you.


A1- This is the most natural white colour, with a hint of whitening, as if you have just whitened your teeth naturally. This is popular with our chief execs, teachers, sales staff, front of house staff- clients who wish to look clean & white without standing out.

A2 - This colour has yellow tones as if you haven't undergone any whitening on your teeth ever. Popular with our male & female clients over 50.



You can now choose the thickness of your veneers depening on your own individual requirements. Both thickness 0.4mm and 0.1mm are the same strength, the only difference is 0.1mm are more flexible and feel thinner in the mouth. 


Why choose 0.1mm? 


  • same strength but higher flexibility
  • thinner, more comfortable material
  • 38% less chance of getting a lisp
  • contours perfectly and gives a higher definition than our standard 0.4mm veneers. 
  • closer fit to the gum margins
  • fits more flush to the original teeth, ensuring a more natural secure fit. 



Please note the prices on our website are in GBP as we are based in the UK but we ship worldwide. We welcome clients from all over the world to use our website and we have a currency converter on the front page of the shop section to make it eaiser for you to convert your payment froM GBP to your currency. If you purchase from another country in USD CAD EUR OR AUD for example your bank may charge you conversion fee to change your currency into pounds- this fee does not come to us - this is a small bank charge.  To see how much our prices are in your home currency please simply add the price into the converter or google such as £399 and convert to USD. 


If you would rather pay in instalments and you have a UK bank account please use our FINANCE website - www.secretveneers.online 


Please note - this range of super thin material is not suitable for clients who have very stained teeth - the material is so thin that it has a slight see through appearance and the shade of your teeth may shine through if it is very discoloured. Please purchase our thicker standard material to hide discolouration. 


*Clip in veneers are not porcelain veneers, they are made of a flexible but high strength dental grade plastic. Results may vary from client to client as your teeth are as unique to you as your fingerprint. 

upper or lower arch of FINEST 0.1mm secret veneers

Lab production time