SAYPHA® Filler is a viscoelastic solution for intradermal use containing hyaluronic acid. It is intended to correct medium to deep lines, also for perioral wrinkles, lip contour and increase lip volume or all areas of the face. This is a monophasic, reticulated gel implant appropriate for different aesthetic treatments such as the correction of moderate facial wrinkles and lines as well as the enhancement of lip volume. Treatment is surprisingly simple, and results are convincing, giving a natural, youthful, radiant appearance.



SAYPHA® Filler are based on hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, a hypoallergenic CE marked medical device class III. SAYPHA® Filler contains cross-linked 2.3% (23mg/ml) high concentration of hyaluronic acid, is a universal product and appropriate for correction of moderate to deep dermis, like facial wrinkles, fine lines and it can be applied to enhance the lip volume. The results are immediately visible and long-lasting, estimated up to 9 months. SAYPHA® Filler is applied on the area of cheeks, Lips, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, chin, deep facial wrinkles.


Benefits of SAYPHA® Filler

•Volumises lips

•Corrects moderate lines and wrinkles

•Hydrates the skin and improves elasticity

•Delays signs of skin ageing



•1 x 1ml prefilled syringe CE 0459

•2 x 27G ½’’ needles CE0197


This filler comes in a syringe but is used- transfered into our Hyauluron Pen - No needle injector. 


1ML is enough to do one 1 lip procedure / 1 client.


How long does the result last for?

The result will appear after one treatment, results can last from 6 – 9 months. The duration depends on the degree of correction required and the individual’s lifestyle, age and skin type.

1ml Hyaluronic Acid Filler By Saypha

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