Teeth Whitening Strips

Just apply and peel off, remove teeth stains effectively and effortlessly. The whitening effect can be seen just in one use!


For a snug even fit, wear under your secret veneers for 30 mins per day! 

-- Adopt innovational reactive oxygen whitening technology
-- Remove years of tough teeth stains
-- Whitening effect can be seen in first use
-- Strong sticky gel
-- Fit the shape of teeth, more comfortable
-- Easy and handy to use anytime, anywhere

Easy to Use:
1. Peel: peel the strip away from the backing card with dry hands.
2. Apply: looking in a mirror, apply the sticky side of the strip to your teeth. Gently press and adjust to attach the strip securely to the teeth. Fold remaining strip behind teeth to keep in place. Repeat with another strip.
3. Reveal: after 30 minutes, peel off the strips and dispose of properly.

Please do not handle the strips with wet hands. 
Please do not use the strips immediately after brushing your teeth.
Gargle and brush your teeth after each treatment.
Keep away from children under 12. 

Color: Translucent
Flavor: Mild Minty

Package Contents:
12 * Teeth Whitening Strips ( 6 pouches, each bag has an upper and a lower strip)

3d Professional Teeth Whitening Strips (like crest)

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