We get a lot of slack on social media because people do not understand why we do what we do so we lets explain;

Our purpose is to provide a cosmetic vanity aid to cover all your imperfections on your teeth and lift your mood if you cannot undergo dental treatment at this time. Reasons may include;

  • Clients who cannot undergo dental treatment for example include pregnant women

  • Cancer patients who are undergoing radiotherapy

  • Clients who are not suitable for dental implants

  • Clients whose healing process has been compromised through certain chronic diseases or medications

  • Clients who are on terminal stage of cancer

  • Clients who have chronic illnesses such as leukaemia and diabetes which may interfere with healing

  • Clients using tobacco which can also slow the healing process of implants

  • Clients with an extreme dental phobia anxiety or depression

  • Clients who cannot afford porcelain veneers

  • Clients who have suffered physical abuse

  • Clients in the armed forces who have lost their teeth during active service.

  • People with mental health issues.

We do not condone not visiting your dentist and good dental hygiene is a must. We simply want to make smiles accessible for everyone, because when you feel happy about your teeth and you can smile it greatly affects your quality of life. We have clients who have gone on to get new jobs, new relationships, get married, stand up in court beaming with a big smile and face their attackers who have knocked all their teeth out. We want to provide as many people as we can globally with a better mental and physical health, helping them to better prospects and opportunities.


If you cannot afford our service you maybe entitled to free veneers. In exceptional circumstances we do provide our service for FREE. We have helped many vulnerable clients over the years smile again, these clients we call our HEROS, not all like to be named and photographed especially if they have been subjected to physical abuse. However you can see some of the work we have done below-

If you know someone who needs a better quality of life and qualifies as above please contact hello@secretveneers.com we want to give everyone the opportunity to eat a little better, talk a little better and look a little better, when compared to living with missing teeth. Now there is a better solution!


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Delivery Info.

We ship worldwide.

UK; FREE First Class Post 1-2 Working Days.

Rest of the world - 1st Class Royal Mail Tracked & signed 5-10 Working days.