Secret veneers hit the beauty scene in 2015, and since we have shown no sign of slowing down. Currently our website attracts visitors from the USA, Dubai, Canada, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Qatar Kazakstan to name a few!. With affiliate programmes open in all countries we are now the fastest growing clip in veneer retailer in the world. 

Our philosophy is pretty simple we want to make people feel good about themselves, and we want to save them time, money and stress! 

You can work from anywhere and do this job. If you are successful you are entitled to use the title "secret veneers smile stylist" in your bio! Your going to feel more confident helping other people feel good about themselves, and you can earn a full time income from home at the same time.  

 ITS SIMPLE! you can earn great money simply by promoting a discount code on social media. We can also share with you our high income sales skills with our pdf courses, and with this you will be able to increase your income month after month if you want? 


Simply follow the steps below to get started as a Secret Veneers affiliate:

  1. Join the affiliate program, using the box below

  2. Promote your affiliate discount code which we will email you- this will give your followers £50 off the website.

  3. Drive targeted traffic to the Secret Veneers website

  4. Tell people how amazing our product is, how much money time and stress it has saved you and get rewarded with £40 commission on every sale!

  5. You do not need to be a client of secret veneers to refer and earn

  6. We do not gift FREE veneers to our brand reps, you will be required to purchase using a £100 off discount code if you don't wear our product, but this is optional you don't have to wear it. (Obviously its easier to earn more money if you have the product to show off)

  7. Existing clients are very welcome! 

We want our customers to understand what our brand represents, what our company stands for and what makes us different to every other clip on veneer company.  Enlisting the help of our brand ambassadors and social media influencers exposes our company to your social circles. 

 We will also drive huge numbers of our social media followers to your accounts by reposting your images and tagging you- this is absolutely invaluable if you already sell a product or service and want us to send our followers to your accounts- Our instagram stats can be seen below; 


If you are unsure how to make sales online or are new to affiliate marketing we have written our exact strategy to selling any product on TikTok Instagram or Facebook! We literally couldn't make this any easier for you! To purchase the PDF Guides click here 

Every Monday we will send you a photographic receipt of how many times your discount code has been used on the website and pay your commission. We pay you £40 per customer who checks out using your code and who becomes a client- EASY money for smiling on social media - which you do anyway! So why not make money from it! 

You maybe asked to represent the brand at press events, charity events, celebrity awards ceremonies, on social media and worldwide media articles. All on top of offering you commission on all orders you send to our website!


Many of our clients have gone on to have successful modelling/TV careers as a result of us sponsoring / promoting them on our social media. An example of some of our brand ambassadors in action can be seen below;


Nominate yourself, Tell us why we should pick you; 

Thank you for your application. We aim to respond within 48 hours if you have been successful in your application.