Do you want to stock our brand in your salon? Do you own a cosmetic business?? We are now temporarily opening our books again to stockists! 


This is how it works; 

  1. Order x10 impression kits listed here at a 50% discounted price of £500 (normally RRP £1000)

  2. We ship the impression kits to you

  3. You sell an impression kit in your salon for £100 per kit (this gives you £50 profit per kit you sell)

  4. The client buys the kit from you and takes there impressions themselves with you or at home 

  5. Ship the impressions to us and we take over from there!

  6. Once the impressions arrive with us we contact the client directly and bill them for the remainder of there balance and make their clip in veneers.

  7. We ship the clip in veneers to the client directly (or to you if you prefer) and handle all payments and alterations. 

If you have any further questions please email