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James Parker Lab Manager.

I have worked in many dental laboratories around the country in my 14 years experience. I have built up a vast amount of knowledge in many sectors of my profession. I am creative and driven to always try and discover new techniques. I have a great amount of knowledge in new technologies such as 3D CAD CAM design. I wish to lead the way in this new and exciting aspect of dental technology.

Amy Secret CEO Secret Veneers.

I am a mother of 3 and step mother to 5! Entrepreneur & Philanthropist.

I have spent my career specialising in anxiety, phobias, depression, & working on the freedom programme assisting those who have suffered domestic violence. The  company was born out of the idea that some people need emotional AND physical dental support we strive to support patients from all walks of life whether you have a dental anxiety, low income and cannot afford the treatment you deserve, ranging to victims of domestic abuse to clients who are under going radiotherapy or chemotherapy. We totally understand that for some people it isn't as simple as walking into a dentist and getting treatment. That's why we are an online service, you do not need to see or talk to anyone you do not want to. However we will work with you to get the support you need to get you smiling again confidently!

Harvey Whitehead Qualified Dental Technician & Advanced Orthodontics.

I have worked at one of the top institutes for leading orthodontic techniques; The Eastman Dental Hospital London. I have been a major part of the team for over 11 years. I collaborate and work with Secret Veneers and some of Harley Streets finest clinicians sharing my vast knowledge of dental techniques.

Andrew Limb, Office Manager, Director of International Relations.

I manage the to day office and further our global reach. Building partnerships research collaborations and consultancy around the world. My focus is to lead and develop the companies strategy for building international partnerships, to support our mission to make an exceptional impact on online cosmetic innovations. I motivate and influence the team,  lead change, with strategic thinking, and a determination to succeed.

I have been successful in developing international partnerships

in business opportunities in Asia and The United Arab Emirates, and have excellent cross cultural communication skills, I represent secret veneers internationally effectively at the highest levels.

Ella Carron-Brown Team Manager.

My role is acting as a conduit between senior management and staff, I oversee employees, daily operations, providing direction, instructions and guidance to the team. My daily planning, problem solving and operation of the company ensures my team meets their goals and levels of productions required by the company. I set targets implement guidelines and assist with any issues our employees may have. I work hard to ensure that all members of the team understand the objectives set out by the CEO and we work together to achieve it. Inspiring and motivating team members and providing effective feedback to senior management.

Lorraine Patrick, Senior Legal Secretary.

I have over 30 years experience as a Senior Legal Secretary, Specialising in many areas of Law but particularly Litigation. I am responsible for the efficient administration of the company particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, advising the senior management on their legal and corporate responsibilities. My role is demanding and responsible, my main priority is to provide secretarial and administrative support to the CEO. Performing legal research, organising diaries, keeping records up to date, but most importantly ensuring clients are dealt with efficiently and politely and all legal matters are adhered too.

This is just a few of our team! some of our dental technicians are too shy to say hi! but it is important for us to be as transparent as we possibly can, We know what its like to feel embarrassed with low self esteem and that is what we all have in common. Welcome to Secret Veneers you are no longer alone!